Once a classic, always a classic

with a bit of TLC that is…

Many car enthusiasts fall in love with classic cars that may be just a little past their use-by-date when it comes to mechanicals, exterior paintwork and upholstery in particular. They often know someone who can help them with mechanical upgrades, but don’t know where to go to give their beloved old classic the facelift it needs and deserves.

Well, if you fall into this category you just got lucky, because our expert team are just as passionate as any car enthusiast when it comes to returning well-loved but tired vehicles to orginal sparkling, head-turning condition.

If you’re not sure just speak with George or Joe and they’ll take a look at your car and provide the best advice and a quote where possible.

Don’t let your favourite car grow old and tired in your garage – give it a new lease of life and share the fun of driving a great restored classic out on the road where it belongs. Call us today on 03 9397 5788.


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